Are you interested in Mock Code Training for your staff?

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Why do mock codes?

Mock Codes have been shown to:

  1. Improve quality of CPR
  2. Decrease median start time of compression’s
  3. Decrease median time to first shock
  4. Improve staff confidence and performance
  5. Improve proper assembly of team
  6. Improve code team leadership
  7. Increase retention success rate of skills
    • Average successful retention rate for ACLS and/or PALS 12 months after training is 14%
    • Average successful retention rate for BLS 12 months after training is 58%

Why pick CPR Done Right?

Our Mock Code Instructors Qualifications:

  • 10 years’ experience in initiating and running Mock Code programs
  • Performed over a 100 Mock simulations for staff in various medical settings
  • 15 years’ nursing experience
  • 10 years’ experience as an American Heart Association Instructor
  • 6 years’ experience as a Critical Care Educator
  • 4 years’ experience as a bedside nurse in ICU
  • 3.5 years’ experience as a bedside nurse in PACU

Baseline goals

We can customize these goals to meet your needs:

  • Demonstrate immediate recognition of a cardiac arrest
  • Activate the emergency response system
  • Demonstrate effective compression rate, depth, and recoil
  • Demonstrate effective airway management
  • Demonstrate rapid and appropriate use of the Defibrillator or AED
  • Integrate effective communication techniques
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of ACLS and/or PALS algorithm

Baseline training includes

We can customize training to meet your needs:

  • Review of the facilities defibrillator
  • Review of facilities crash cart
  • 2-3 Mock code scenarios/group (all ACLS or ACLS/PALS combo)
  • Mock Code critique, customized for facility, to provide feedback on performance
  • Quantitative measurement of CPR Quality using feedback device

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