ACLS and/or PALS SKILLS SESSION . Can add BLS (9:30 am).

Monday, Jan 24, 2022

9:30am – 11:00am

You are registering for a skills session for a Blended Learning Course

This means that you HAVE completed or WILL HAVE the online portion of the course done prior to this booking. 

Blended Learning Course(s)

The Heartcode blended learning course(s) offers the flexibility of self-paced on-line learning with in-person hands-on skills practice & testing.

These courses are in 2 parts:

  • Part I (Online Learning) – The eLearning (online) portion is a self-directed, comprehensive eLearning program that allows students to work at their own pace.
  • Part II  (Skills Practice & Testing) – The skills practice & testing session is designed to allow students time to practice before required testing to receive their certification card.

Course Options with Pricing

We will NOT be collecting payment with this reservation. Due to the variety of training options, we will first confirm the course(s) you are registering for and then send a separate invoice for payment. You are only asking for a seat in the class by registering from this site.

*****These prices DO NOT include the cost of the online portion of the course***** (BLS is $31.00; ACLS and PALS are $144.00 each). You will purchase this directly from the AHA. We will give you the link to purchase the course when we send the confirmation email. 

Single Course Skills Session (BLS, ACLS, or PALS):

  • $45.00 = BLS Only
  • $125.00  = ACLS  Only Initial
  • $100.00 = ACLS  Only Renewal
  • $125.00 = PALS Only Initial
  • $100.00 = PALS Only renewal

BLS + ACLS or PALS (includes 15.00 combo discount):

  • $155.00 = BLS + ACLS Initial
  • $130.00 = BLS + ACLS renewal
  • $155.00 = BLS + PALS Initial
  • $130.00 = BLS + PALS renewal

ACLS + BLS (includes 20.00 combo discount):

  • $ 230.00 = ACLS + PALS  (Both Initial)
  • $ 205.00 = ACLS + PALS (1 renewal & 1 initial)
  • $ 180.00 = ACLS + PALS  (Both renewal)

BLS + ACLS + PALS (includes 25.00 combo discount):

  • $270.00 = BLS + ACLS + PALS (Both ACLS & PALS are initial)
  • $245.00 = BLS + ACLS + PALS  (ACLS/PALS  1 renewal & 1 initial)
  • $220.00 = BLS + ACLS + PALS  (ACLS/PALS  both renewal)

Skills session Time Commitment

BLS only = about 1-1.25 hours.

BLS + ACLS or PALS = about 1.5-2.0 hours depending on the number of students in class and your experience level.

BLS + ACLS + PALS = about 2.0-3.0 hours depending on the number of students in class and your experience level.

Registration/Payment Process

Step 1 – register for course(s) that you need/want.

Step 2 – Let us know which time spot you want. We make every effort to update availability on this calendar as bookings occur; however, if we can not accommodate the time you are requesting will will email you the updated availability.

Step 3 – We will email you to confirm your date/time. Once confirmation is complete we will then email you a invoice to make payment.

Event Location

CPR Done Right
100 Country Club Rd Suite 113
Argyle, Tx, 76226

Event Fees

Prices listed in description. You are registering for a seat only.
$ 1.00