PALS Renewal Course (can add BLS) 2 pm to 6 pm

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022

2:00pm – 6:00pm

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This is a renewal course only

If you are taking PALS for the first time or your current certification is expired by 60 days please Contact Us

Course Description:

American Heart Association course designed for healthcare professionals who either direct or respond in the management of respiratory and/or cardiac emergencies in children and infants.

Additional Required Material:  
The American Heart Association requires that you have an PALS Provider Manual for the course. If you do not already have the 2020 edition then you will have to purchase one. Please Note: We will not accept the 2015 edition. You have the option to purchase an e-book or a paperback. We will give you approved vendor sites where one can be purchased.

What you are registering for:

You are registering for a FULL in person PALS renewal course. This is where the full course is done in person. If your intention is do to the Blended Learning course option (Part online and Part in Person) then you want to register for a PALS Skills Session NOT this Full course. Either way you complete training you will get the same identical certification card.

Need BLS renewed????

You have 2 options if you also need to renew your BLS:

  1. Register for the Full in Person BLS course on a different date. (Cost: 60.00 + required book, if needed 14.50+tax)
  2. Do the Heartcode Blended Learning Course for BLS. This allows us to combine BLS with your PALS renewal course so you don’t have to come for training on another day.  (Cost: 34.00 for online portion & 25.00 for skills session. This is a 20.00 discount off Heartcode BLS for combining it with your PALS course) Here’s how it works:
    • Step 1 – You will complete the online portion of BLS prior to your scheduled PALS class. You can purchase this from us or from the AHA.
    • Step 2 – We will complete the additional required BLS skills immediately following the PALS class. This will add 30 minutes of class time.

Payment for Course(s)

By registering here you are asking for a seat in the class. We will not collect payment from you until we have confirmed this is the correct course for you and have completed registration. Price listed for informational purposes only.

Event Location

CPR Done Right
100 Country Club Rd
Argyle, Texas, 76226

Event Fees

PALS Renewal Course
$ 175.00
Add BLS online course (Heartcode Blended Learning)
$ 34.00
Add BLS Skills session (Heartcode Blended Learning)
$ 25.00